Got a question about delivery, returns or late fees?

Get your answer here, or pop up and chat to our advice team.


What happens if my dress arrives and I don't like it?

If you are not 100% happy with how your garment looks then simply let us know within 48 hours of it arriving and we can arrange for an exchange to be sent to you. 

If you do not want an exchange, or if you do not have time for an exchange then we will provide you with a rental credit code equal to the value of your original booking. 

When using the rental credit, please note you will be charged the standard £5 delivery fee again. 

Please note, we can only offer rental credit on up to one unworn item per booking - we do not recommend hiring several outfits to try on for one event. 

When ordering items for different dates, any items that have a delivery date within one week of each other will be considered as one order as they will be despatched together. This means that you will be given rental credit on one unworn item within this order. 


Do you offer a try on service? 

If you want to try your outfits on, we recommend booking them for a 4 day rental period. Once the item arrive try it on, if you return it to us within 48 hours we will be able to generate a rental credit code for you that can be used to make a second booking of that item for a future period. Please note delivery charges will apply to both bookings. 


Can I order more than one dress at once?

Absolutely! We know that sometimes you need lots of outfits for an event packed weekend. Please note that we only offer credit refunds on up to one unworn outfit.


Why do you only offer rental credit on one un-worn item?

Unfortunately we have to do this to prevent customers from booking out multiple items for their event and only wearing one. This prevents others from accessing their favourite looks. By crediting customers for up to one unworn dress we take the risk out of renting.


How far in advance can I reserve my look?

We take bookings up to a year in advance so you can reserve early and save your favourite looks for big occasions.  


Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting help@hirestreetuk.com 

If you cancel your order 21 days before your chosen rental period you will receive a full refund. If you cancel your order with less than 21 days notice we will credit your Hirestreet account with the cost of your original rental to use against future bookings. Customers can cancel within 6 hours of placing the order and receive a full refund, unless the order has already been despatched.


Do I need a Hirestreet account to be able to rent a dress?

No, you don't need an account to make an order with us, but we would advise to make an account so you are able to see the status of your order. 


Does Hirestreet have a physical shop?

No, we are solely an online outfit rental platform. 


What do I do about cleaning outfit before returning it?

Don't worry about that, we take care of the cleaning for you!

We have partnered with one of the UK's leading dry cleaning specialists to ensure that outfits arrive to you as good as new, please let us know if you're not 100% satisfied!


What if I accidentally damage or mark my outfit?

We understand that accidents happen when you're out making memories, but we also want to keep our outfits in sparkling condition for other customers. We reserve the right to review each case individually. We will always contact you before raising any charges. 

Please let us know as soon as possible if any accidents do happen by emailing help@hirestreetuk.com. 

At checkout you have the option to add insurance to your order for an extra £4.00 per garment - this means if an item is damaged during the hire period you are not liable to pay charges. Please note that insurance doesn't cover against loss, theft or damage beyond repair.


What if I damage my outfit beyond repair?

We hope that you would look after your outfit as if it was your own, but accidents do happen. We reserve the right to review each case individually, and we will look into any damage before informing you around next steps and of any charges. We may charge customers up to the full retail value of the outfit to cover replacement costs. 


What is the condition of my outfit when I receive it?

We have strict quality control measures to ensure our outfits remain in top condition. Each look is professionally pampered after each rental, so it will arrive as good as new. 

We cannot guarantee that no wrinkles will appear during postage - if you do need to steam an item before your event, please ensure you follow the advice on the clothing label. 


Can I take my Hirestreet outfit on holiday?

Of course - many of our looks are perfect for holidays! 


Can I extend my rental period?

If you need to keep your outfit for longer, but have booked this in advance, then contact us at help@hirestreetuk.com as we can let you know if your look is available for extension.


When can I remove the ribbon from my Hirestreet order?

Please only remove the ribbon from your item once you have decided to keep your rental. Unfortunately, items with the ribbon removed will be considered as 'worn' and credit refunds will not be issued. 

If you are the lucky customer who receives an item that is brand new and still has the clothing tags on, you are able to remove these. 

Please do not remove any other labels or tags on our items.