Warehouse Sustainability

At Hirestreet we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint, from the HQ to the warehouse. Here are some stats on how our warehouse contributes to being more environmentally responsible.

II Zero waste from their business goes to landfill - they have reduced their annual waste management costs by 70%

II By introducing LED lighting they have reduced their annual CO2 emissions by 15.7 tonnes 

II All cardboard, polythene and paper are recycled  

II They have redesigned their clothes hangers to reduce scrap by 20% - that's 2 tonnes of plastic  

II  Our warehouse use eco-friendly ozone to sanitise our garments, which minimises the use of chemical cleaners  

II They have saved 1,800 m3 of water, 139000 KWH of gas and 26ft of CO2 emissions by introducing a cooler a dry cleaning 

II Their environmental performance is rated as 'EXCELLENT' by SEPA