Self Care Tips For 2020

Posted in News on Dec 23, 2019

Christmas is such an amazing time of year, but it can also be a very difficult time for many people. With 2019 coming to an end, it is time to reflect and recharge for the New Year ahead and we have some simple but effective self care tips to help you unwind during the festive period, get you back to feeling your best self and make a habit of in 2020!

1. Have a pamper night
Run a bath, put a face mask on, do your nails, scrub your sins away then lather yourself in moisturiser. Tell me you won't feel better once you're relaxed and glowing.. Yep, I didn't think so! 

2. Get that shut eye 
It is so important to notice when you're feeling tired or run-down, and listen to your body by getting some decent sleep. We are all guilty of experiencing FOMO but making time to rest and relax is just as important as meetings and social events, it's ok to say no sometimes!

3. Go outside
It can be so hard to do this when many of us work indoors but when you can,
 get outside and breathe in some fresh air. It is so simple but can make the biggest difference to calm the mind, even just for 5 minutes!

4. Exercise
We all know by now from the countless studies that exercise is great for us in so many ways. You will look better, feel better and sleep better, do we need to say any more?! If you don’t want to do it alone, grab your bestie or join a class and get your pump on in a group!  

5. Cook your favourite food
We know how easy it is to just get a takeaway or a ready meal but you will feel so much better feeding your body with good wholesome foods with all the nutrients it needs. Whack your favourite tunes on, have a little kitchen dance and cook yourself up a storm! Don't forget about dessert.. life is all about balance, right?!

6. Breathe
When we start to feel overwhelmed or stressed our breathing becomes very shallow. When we breathe in this way, our bodies remain in a cyclical state of stress. Take time to take some deep breaths throughout your day or why not try out some meditation or a yoga class!

7. Digital detox
PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN! Stop refreshing instagram, take a break from all of the Whatsapp groups and mindless scrolling. Give yourself a break, you really aren't missing anything! Your brain will definitely thank you for it.

8. Shift your mindset
It can be overwhelming trying to work, maintain a social life, gym, eat right, see your family and have time to yourself. Get a planner so you can organise your time and write down things you are grateful for. Replace complaining with gratitude. It's a reminder during stressful times that although things can feel overwhelming, there's always some good to be found in every day.

9. Music
Belt out your favourite song from start to finish. If you drive to work do it on your commute, if you don't, belt it out in the shower before you leave (as you may get some funny looks on the tube).. trust me you will feel 100 times happier and ready for the day.

10. Remove toxicity
Say goodbye to any negative vibes in your life. Remove yourself from any toxic friendship, relationship or situation wherever possible, if they are bringing you down, cut the cord. Invest in who and what raises your energy.

Love Hirestreet xxx