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Posted in News on Aug 07, 2019

We all scroll through Instagram every day. Can you remember what you actually did before the days of the iPhone? Us either. Which is why we think it’s important that if you are having a love-hate affair with Instagram, you fill your feed with positivity. Here are some of favourite Instagram accounts that champion sustainability and value the planet; 

Les Recuperables

“There is no point in producing, just use it again”. A brand who are completely dedicated to upcycling, Les Recuperables are a French brand who promote the circular economy by working with existing materials to create gorgeous pieces, offering a second life to existing fabrics. Their clothes are simply stunning, and their insta feed even more so. We get true elegant, Parisienne vibes.  

The Beeswax Wraps Co.

Beeswax Wraps are a plastic free alternative to cling film and tin foil and founders Carly & Fran are helping people go plastic free one small step at a time. The wraps are 100% natural, keep your food fresh, seal your food well and are reusable by washing them in cold water with a bit of soap. Then after 2-3 months all you have to do is refresh your wraps by ironing the wraps between some baking paper and a tea towel. The wraps come in numerous sizes and a range of adorable patterns.

Grace Beverley

If you look up girl boss in the dictionary there should be a picture of Grace. She created two multimillion-dollar businesses whilst studying a degree at Oxford University all whilst Youtubing - promoting body positivity, inclusivity and sustainability and still having time to eat healthy, exercise and function as a normal human being aged 22. She’s inspiring and her new athleisure wear brand TALA, is everything you can dream of and more with active wear as it is 100% up-cycled, sustainable and affordable.


Time of The Month

 Did you know that the majority of mainstream period brands contain substances such as rayon, chlorine dioxide and a plethora of chemicals which are linked to endometriosis, altered hormone levels and affect our immune system? TOMT (Time of the month)educate females on the truth about period products as well creating conversation and breaking the stigma on periods being a ‘taboo’ subject. 

Their products are 100% cruelty free, made of organic cotton, they’re biodegradable and come delivered in environmentally friendly sugar cane packaging. What’s cool is that you can order your supplies on a monthly basis to fit your cycle. Also, their Insta feed is incredibly aesthetically pleasing.

Trash Is for Tossers

Lauren Singer has been zero waste since 2012 and through her blogging she showcases her efforts, tips and tricks to the world. She even has her own shopping stocking you with goodies from toothbrushes, SPF, skincare, bath salts, yoga mats and biodegradable phone cases. Full of intriguing daily updates on how she lives zero waste, Lauren’s Insta is full of daily updates of how to live and make changes to zero waste, showing that zero waste can be fun and interesting, not just a difficult challenge.