Delivery & Returns

Where Do You Deliver?

We offer delivery UK wide.

Please see Royal Mail's Terms & Conditions:

When Will I Receive My Outfit Rental?

When booking your rental the date you selected on the calendar is your chosen delivery date, so your outfit will be delivered by Royal Mail on the first day of your rental. We recommend getting your order delivered at least 2 days before needed so there is time to arrange an exchange if necessary. We do try to send out orders early if we can so you have more time to try the item on - this does not affect your rental period.

Please note that we are not liable for any delivery delays caused by Royal Mail.

How Much Is Delivery?

We offer delivery UK wide.

We offer free delivery and returns, however, we do charge a rental fee of £3 - this is passed straight on to our warehouse to cover the costs of quality checking, cleaning and pressing items.

Please note, you will be charged a £3 rental fee for every unique delivery date. If you have multiple items in your basket for different delivery dates, these are treated by the warehouse as separate orders. If you have multiple items in your basket for the same delivery date, you will only be charged one rental fee.

My Rental Period Ends On Sunday?

If your rental period ends on Sunday, please return it on the following Monday by 12pm.

What If I Return My Outfit Late?

When items are returned late it can affect other customers’ orders. A fee of £100 will be charged if the item has not been returned after 10 days. If the item is not returned by 21 days, we will assume it has been lost/stolen and you will be charged the items’ RRP minus £100. If the outfit has an RRP less than £100 you will not be charged any extra fees after 21 days.

For example, if you had not returned your order after 11 days you would be charged £100. If after 21 days you still had not returned the item and the RRP for that item was £300 you would then be charged £200 (£300 minus £100 = £200).

Please note you will be charged these fees for every item in your order that is returned late.

If you are unable to return your order to us on time, please email [email protected] as soon as possible.

What If I Don't Like My Item?

If you are not happy with how your item looks, please return your order to the post office and let us know by emailing [email protected] so we can arrange an exchange or give you rental credit. If you have multiple items in your order, please return everything at the same time - you do not need to return the unworn item earlier. The ribbon must still be attached to the item for it to be classed as unworn. If the item is returned without a ribbon attached it will be classed as worn and you may not be eligible for compensation. Rental credit expires in 6 months from the issue date.

Please note that we only give rental credit for one unworn item per order, so we do not recommend renting multiple items if you only plan on wearing one.

I’ve Lost My Returns Label?

Please follow the instructions on this link to receive another returns label. Here you can print another returns label or be emailed a QR code: Please ensure you keep your proof of postage.

Please only use shipping labels provided by Hirestreet or shipping labels made by clicking on the link above. Please do not send any items back using your own shipping label. If you have any questions email [email protected].

How Do I Return My Order?

Simply return your item to the Post Office using the mailing bag or garment carrier that your item was delivered with. A prepaid returns label will be included in your order - please stick this on your mailing bag or over the old label on the garment carrier. Items must be dropped at the Post Office by 12pm on the last day of your rental.

Please note if your return date is a Sunday, you must post your return back to us by 12pm on the following Monday, and if your return date is a Bank Holiday Monday please return it by 12pm on the following Tuesday.

If you would like to organise a collection instead of going to the Post Office, please follow the instructions on this link: Please note that this service costs 50p and that you will still need to get the item collected on the last day of your rental.

My Item Has Arrived Early - Is That A Mistake?

No don't worry! We often send items out as early as possible to give customers more time to try on the garments. Your original booking will not be impacted, your rental dates are still the same, and you will not be charged any extra for the additional days you have the outfits.

For example, if your dress was due to arrive on a Wednesday, but it actually arrives on the Monday - you get 2 extra days for free, your rental period remains exactly the same as your original booking.

Do I Need Proof of Postage?

Please keep your proof of postage in case anything happens with your return. If you do not have proof you returned your order, it could be classed as unreturned and you may be liable to pay fees if your item does get lost.