Why Renting Dresses Will Be The Biggest Trend of 2019

Dress Hire: 2019’s most fashionable trend

Think back to the last time you got dressed up… how many times will that outfit be re-worn?

Hirestreet research found that the majority of our customers were wearing ‘special occasion’ outfits just once or twice. The rise of fast fashion has facilitated this wear-it-once-behaviour. With dresses available to purchase from as little as £6 it’s no surprise that customers are buying more items than ever before.

From a customer perspective, this buying behaviour makes absolute sense. According to the Great British Wardrobe Report 70% of women feel most confident when wearing something they haven’t worn before. Consider the events you have coming up, whether its birthdays, brunches, christenings or weddings no outfit is going to be perfect for 2 occasions. Wanting to look your best (especially when each of these gatherings are likely to be documented across social media) is understandable: Dress for the life you want, not the one you’ve got or so the saying goes…

However, combine the confidence that comes from a new outfit with the dopamine kick we get from purchasing a new dress and it’s easy to see how we have become increasingly addicted to fast-fashion (dopamine is a neurotransmitter that controls the brains pleasure centre – shopping, particularly in sales, causes a release of dopamine and a sense of gratification!). The issue now, is that many of us ‘fashion addicts’ are only just discovering the true cost of the fast fashion industry…

In the UK 300,000 tonnes of clothing sent to landfill every year

The True Cost

The environmental cost of fast fashion is far greater than just the dramatic increase in clothing waste. Textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water globally and over 70 million trees are cut down each year in the production process. What’s more, according to WRAP data women’s dresses have the highest environmental impact in terms of total weight purchased and associated green house gas emissions. These facts just scratch the surface of what is going on, and as perfectly summarised by Stacey Dooley “it’s not that people don’t care, it’s that they don’t know”.

So what next? We can’t seriously expect hundreds of thousands of women to suddenly give up fast fashion, not now they have had a taste of the empowerment that comes with ‘an outfit a day’. The alternatives of, shifting towards more sustainable clothing sources (which can often be more expensive), or purchasing used garments (which can be limited in quality and size) are not viable competitive solutions as they require sacrifice on the consumers part.

Dress Hire

Hiring outfits is set to be the biggest trend of 2019. Customers are increasingly looking for ways to save money and cut back on unnecessary consumption. When a customer hires a dress they get the same confidence boost that comes with a new outfit plus an extra kick of dopamine due to the huge cost saving benefits.

Your clothes tell a story about you, by hiring you get access to a huge wardrobe in a sustainable and cost effective way. If your finding yourself short of New Years resolutions for 2019, why not try the switch to renting? Save money, save wardrobe space and save the planet.

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