5 Ways To Avoid Waste This Christmas

It's the last week of November and the Hirestreet office is officially getting into the Christmas spirit. We've just picked the names for our Secret Santa and we have Mariah Carey playing in the background. Whilst Christmas is a time for fun and celebration, we must also be conscious of the impac... View Post

What To Wear With Thigh Highs This Season

When people ask 'How high?' make sure your answer is 'Thigh high' this AW19 season. Thigh high boots are the perfect footwear for this Autumn/Winter. They are stylish, chic, sexy and most importantly they keep your legs warm. These versatile boots can be worn with some skinny jeans or that supe... View Post

Hen Do Outfit Inspo

Hen do’s can be extremely expensive, the average hen do in 2017 cost £507, and whilst we all want to celebrate and support our girls, the costs can be really wearing on the bank balance.  However, Hen do’s recently have been experiencing a glow up. Gone are the days of willy straws, L plates and... View Post

Your Guide To Sustainable Holiday Destinations

Here at Hirestreet we’re all about life experiences and memories, and there’s no doubt that some of life’s best are made when you’re on holiday and travelling. The impact that travel has on the environment cannot be ignored and with climate change becoming a pressing issue and sustainable travel ... View Post

How to: Sustainable Suitcase

With holidays, you either fall into one of two camps; A) you book early, plan and organise every little thing down to the last detail or B) you find a cracking deal last minute, persuade all your friends and suddenly your spontaneously jetting off to Ibiza in three days’ time. Whichever camp you ... View Post

Dressing for the American Dream

It’s time for hotdogs, bbq’s, fireworks and red, white and blue to be thrown across our instagram page from celebrities that have taken time out of their busy schedule’s to show us how amazing their fourth of July has been in their not so small Hampton’s home.    The 4th of July is an American ho... View Post

Love Island Takeover

Why do you look forward to summer? Is it the bright, late nights? The evening drinks and BBQs? Stepping outside without a jacket into the blazing sun? No matter what brings you happiness in the summer, it can be guaranteed that (along with 90% of the nation) at 9pm almost every night you’ll be on... View Post

The Story Of The Yellow Satin Midi Dress

How often do you wear your dresses? Lots of our lovely Hirestreet customers have told us how they used to buy dresses, wear them once and then the dress would end up collecting dust in their wardrobe until they had a ‘clear out’. This means lots of beautiful barely worn items end up going to was... View Post


Millions of items of clothing end up in landfill sites every year, which impacts our lovely planet.  Our mission is to help reduce this by bringing our beautiful customers the best dresses in the land, so you don’t need to buy them anymore.  It’s a smarter way to shop, and we are sure you are going to love it.  Together we can do our bit, and we can't wait to get started.  We have worked long and hard to try and bring you a simple, premium and beautiful experience and we would love to know what you think!  Please get in touch, we would love to hear from you! xx