Our Top 10 Sustainable Stocking Fillers

It’s December already!? We can’t believe it either. So here at Hirestreet, we want to show you some of our favourite ideas to put in your loved one’s stockings to help you shop a bit more consciously this Christmas.  
Package free makeup and cruelty-free, our staple stocking fillers are the Lush lipstick refills. The only problem is there are too many colours to choose from!
2. Candles - The Vegan Bunny Co. 
Completely Biodegradable with recyclable packaging, these gorgeous vegan candles have a range of seven different Christmas flavours. From traditional Christmas tree scent to their new ‘smells like unapologetic overindulgence’ in a spicy apple and cinnamon flavour which even has eco glitter in.
3. Makeup remover - Face Halo 
Single-use makeup-wipes are so last year, take your makeup off without the cost and harm of disposable wipes. Just use water and these remover pads can replace up to 500 single-use makeup wipes by gently wiping all your makeup away.
Gift a hug in a mug and let your loved one enjoy their hot drink in the worlds first reusable cup, Rcup, made from used paper cups.
5. A Hug in a Mug - Tea Pigs
Something to put in those reusable cups...we've long been fans of Tea Pigs and just love their Christmas range, our favourite being the Gluwein flavour. Plastic-free, sustainable, ethically sourced...the listed goes on, Tea Pigs just rock. 
6. Glitter - Eco Glitter 
Get your Christmas glow on with some biodegradable glitter for the guilt-free sparkle. As opposed to ordinary glitter, this Eco Glitter does not contain the teeny bits of shiny plastic (called microplastics) which harms any sea life that ingests it.
7. Bamboo cutlery - Sasstainable
Say hello to some new lunchtime essentials by Sasstainable, the new eco-range from Steph Elswood. Forget the single-use plastic cutlery and look no further than this set of bamboo cutlery, all which comes in a cute pouch.
8. Chocolate - Seed and Bean
No stocking is complete without something sweet so we’re loving the Chocolate bars by Seed and Bean. UK-made and 100% organic, these bars even have completely compostable packaging!
9. Gin Botanicals - Old Hamlet Wine and Spice
We love supporting British brands and this adorable pouch contains perfectly packaged botanicals that transforms a standard bottle of vodka into an aromatic, homemade gin! Yes, you heard us right…
10. Something a little different...
The most important gift you can give this Christmas is your time. Put your phone away and try to be as present with your loved ones this year. This year, instead of something material, why not pop in vouchers for a spa treatment or even theatre tickets! 


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