Introducing Our November Collaboration with… DAME

We are really excited to announce that this November we will be collaborating with the amazing and innovative DAME. 

DAME is a sustainable period brand that believes women and the planet deserve better. They’re on a mission to clean up the period industry, focusing on plastic waste, toxic chemicals and period shame.

Currently the impact of periods include...

  • Plastic waste: 100 billion period products are thrown away every year. Most contain plastic, cannot be reused or recycled. 
  • Toxic chemicals: The average woman uses 12,000 tampons over her lifetime, in one of the most absorbent parts of her body. Yet most tampons contain synthetics treated with chemicals and cotton treated with pesticides. 
  • Period shame: Women have been having periods since the start of time, yet the industry uses the language of discretion and shame. 

D, the world’s first reusable tampon applicator, along with their own range of organic, biodegradable tampons was launched officially in 2019 (So its hot off the press).  

At Hirestreet we really value empowering women and looking after the planet, so if you share our values, you’ll really like DAME! 

If you book a dress to wear this November you can look forward to a little present in your package from us and DAME. 

So tell your friends, sisters, mothers, aunties and grannies that with the help of Hirestreet x DAME you can look fantastic, take care of the planet AND take control of your period. 

We hope you love it as much as we do! X 


FEATURE IMAGE: @dameforgood


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