How to be kind to the planet on Black Friday

How are we already in November 2019!? Coats, scarves, hats and gloves are now a daily necessity and Christmas preparations are looming ever larger. Even closer on the horizon however, are Black Friday (29th November) and Cyber Monday (2nd December). 

These two days and the weekend between them, is the biggest period of shopping of the year, massive deals, and discounts are available at most shops and online stores. The amount of adults participating in the Black Friday sales this year is up to 62%, from 36% last year and £7 billion pounds is predicted to be spent on black Friday alone! So you better be prepared!

Unfortunately mass consumer events like these can have a really adverse impact on the environment. However we don’t want you to stop you enjoying Black Friday or Cyber Monday, so here are a few tips from us at Hirestreet that can help you be more environmental when participating!! 

1.Plan Ahead

This is a go to tip for ALL environmental changes that you want to make in your life. If you plan ahead then your choices can be much more environmentally positive! For Black Friday we would recommend that you make a plan, who do you want to buy presents for? which shops do you NEED to go to? how much money do you want to spend.

2.Travel Efficiently

Take public transport or carpool with your friends! This is such an efficient choice to make as it reduces traffic, carbon emissions and can also save you money!

3. Choose More Efficient Shipping 

For online shopping choose delivery options that are cheaper and take a little bit longer as they are usually the most efficient options. Next day delivery for instance prioritises speed over efficiencies and requires lots of diesel powered vehicles. 

4.Choose Quality over quantity

Consider spending a little bit more money on products that will last a long time rather than less money on items that will break or be thrown away sooner. 

5.Try to buy up-cycled or recycled products

These products use less resources so your carbon footprint will be smaller. 

6.Question Ethical Roots of Products

Things that are sold en masse at really low prices could have questionable ethical roots, (for instance, prioritising  production targets over the treatment of the workforce), so it’s worth knowing where things you buy come from, so you can avoid unethical products and support human rights across the world.  

7.Bring your own bags

You’d take bags to the supermarket, so why not take your own bags Christmas shopping. 

By renting with Hirestreet you’ve already taken big steps towards a greener future!


Millions of items of clothing end up in landfill sites every year, which impacts our lovely planet. Our mission is to help reduce this by bringing our beautiful customers the best dresses in the land, so you don’t need to buy them anymore. It’s a smarter way to shop, and we are sure you are going to love it. Together we can do our bit, and we can't wait to get started. We have worked long and hard to try and bring you a simple, premium and beautiful experience and we would love to know what you think! Please get in touch, we would love to hear from you! xx