5 Ways To Avoid Waste This Christmas

It's the last week of November and the Hirestreet office is officially getting into the Christmas spirit. We've just picked the names for our Secret Santa and we have Mariah Carey playing in the background. Whilst Christmas is a time for fun and celebration, we must also be conscious of the impact it has on our environment, so here are 5 great ways to reduce your waste this Christmas:
1. Give presents that are useful and friendly to our planet...
At Hirestreet we're really excited about starting our Christmas shopping at The Kind Store ( https://www.thekindstoreonline.co.uk/) as everything is beautifully made and kind to the Earth.
2. Choose sustainable wrapping...
Happy Wrapped ( https://www.happywrap.co.uk/) is a great sustainable solution for gift wrapping this Christmas. If you're feeling extra thrifty you could use newspaper or handmade labels.
3. Gift experiences rather than an object...
Having fun with friends and family is so important and undeniably priceless! Going to a concert with your family, booking a couples massage or taking your friends to a trendy event, exhibition or restaurants are gifts that can be better than buying an object that will eventually be forgotten about. 
4. Buy locally sourced food for your Christmas dinner and avoid single use plastic bags...
Try out your local farm shop, butchers, grocers or marketplace and bring your own bags. If you live in the city and the supermarket is the most convenient, then look for the food with the Red Tractor symbol, which means that it has been grown/reared in the UK. 
5. Reusable crackers
Head to KeepThisCracker ( https://www.keepthiscracker.com/) where you can reusable Christmas crackers. Fill your own crackers with small trinkets you know your friends and family will love and use. Buy 6 reusable crackers for £19.
Love Hirestreeet x


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